Mountain Time Mastiffs

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About Us

Welcome to Mountain Time Mastiffs!  We are located in southeastern Idaho, in the small town of Rigby.  We operate a boarding kennel not far from our home in Idaho Falls, called Teton Kennels.  My husband, Dustin, and myself, Porsche, have 1 son, Trey and 2 daughters, Hunter and Taryn.  When not working, our time is spent at home with our kids and dogs, and also at shows. 

Our love of Mastiffs began when we lost of one of our beloved Rotties, Grendal, in 2002.  Even though I had never seen a mastiff at that time, I had seen pictures and read a lot about the breed.  We began searching for a breeder then and were quickly discouraged by the few people we had made contact with.  We never stopped wanting one but we gave up our search at that time.

We moved to Colorado in 2004 and started looking for a puppy again.  As with a lot of mastiff lovers, we did not start on the right track.  We had not researched health testing and pedigrees the way we should have.  Dustin surprised my daughters and I with Oakley on Halloween '07.  She far exceeded every expectation we had of the breed.  Thanks to her, our love and passion for the breed grew.  We began even more research of the breed, pedigrees, health, conformation showing and much more.  We soon realized what we were looking for in the breed and a breeder.  And we also realized what our love for the breed meant in terms of what we owed the breed.  We have added many mastiffs to our home since Oakley but she made it all possible.

Our goals are to own, show, raise and breed healthy, temperamentally sound mastiffs that are as as close to the breed standard as possible.  These magnificent dogs offer so much to their families but also require just as much from their families.  Mastiffs are family dogs and deserve to be treated as such.  Our dogs are our family first and foremost.

Proud Members Of:
Mastiff Club of America
Cascade English Mastiff Club
Eagle Rock Kennel Club
Mount Ogden Kennel Club
Board Member and Fosters for Humane Society of the Upper Valley

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