Mountain Time Mastiffs

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The mastiff breed is dear to our hearts and we feel very strong about doing all that we can for the breed in any way possible.  We try to help out mastiffs in need as often as we can.  We do not breed often, and a huge reason for that is because of our involvement in rescue.  The amount of back yard breeders in our area is astonishing.  Mastiff puppies being sold on the street in front of Petco, on Craigslist, on FB Pet pages, we have seen "Mastiff Puppies For Sale" written on car windows. These puppies are being sold without any contracts, no home checks, no help from the breeder. So when those people no longer want their dog, because let's face it, not much research goes into buying a puppy off the street, who do they call for help?  Nobody.  They give them away for free, intact, on the same websites.  Or they surrender them to the shelter.  We pull mastiffs from shelters in Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.  Our local shelter calls us as soon as a mastiff enters the shelter.   As of November 2015, we have fostered around 30 mastiffs.  Just mastiffs.  It is heartbreaking.

If you are unsure if a mastiff puppy is right for you, please consider rescue.  There are many mastiffs that need homes.   Please check this page for updates on any mastiff fosters we may have.

In addition to mastiff rescue, we also foster for our local dogs and cats in need through the Humane Society of the Upper Valley.  While we are passionate about showing and breeding, our main focus is always to give back when we can.  We hope that our friends will do the same whether it be fostering, adopting, volunteering or donating. 

We currently have 3 mastiff fosters available to approved homes, contact us for more info!


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