Mountain Time Mastiffs

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 01/18/09 - 07/09/11

Romey had our hearts from the moment she and Howie joined our family.  If she wasn't playing with her brother and best friend Howie, she could be found on one of our laps, more often than not, Dustin's.  Romey loved her family so much, she always made sure she spent equal time with everybody.  For such a short life, she endured so much but also accomplished just as much.  Though never finishing her championship, she was one major short, she had 19 points.  At the age of 22 months, she was diagnosed with Grade 3 Sarcoma.  The diagnosis came as a surprise to all of us since two prior needle biopsies had come back negative for cancer cells.  After talking with several vets and listening to our hearts, we opted not to do chemo or radiation.  She had already been through two surgeries, and treatment would only extend her life by months maybe a year, so we chose to let her live out her last days at home being spoiled rotten and playing with her brother.  We had another 8 months with her which we are so thankful for since we were told 4 maybe 5 months.  We miss her every day, and I constantly find myself calling one of the other dogs by her name.  Romey was a blessing to our lives and we are thankful for every second we had with her.  We know she is with us and watching over all of us every day.

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